Odd Lots 002 (Anaerobic Washed)

Odd Lots 002 (Anaerobic Washed)

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A bright and crisp Rwandan coffee

Produced by Jean Paul | Roasted by Odd Kin 

Green apple, peach, oolong tea

Continuing our limited series of Odd Lots, 002 hails our first lot of Rwandan coffee beans, experimentally processed at the Liza Washing Station nestled by Rwanda's largest lake, Lake Kivu. 

002 introduces you to anaerobic fermentation washed coffee, and trust us when we say it packs a punch!

This experimental processing method intensifies the coffee's fruity flavours, offering a crisp tea-like feel and sweet undertones of peach. 

Honestly Jean Paul's beans have knocked our socks off, we've no doubt they'll knock yours off too.  


Anaerobic Washed Processing

This innovative processing method has quite a few steps, but as the old saying goes - good things take time. 

To ensure optimal flavour development, only perfectly ripe red cherries are harvested before being part-washed via flotation (which also helps to ensure defects are removed from the batch).

They're then placed into sacks and sealed tightly to prevent air exposure, before being stored under shade for 48 hours. 

During the pulping phase part of the mucilage is left intact, then the cherries go back into the sacks for a further 48 hours. 

Once again the cherries are washed and the remaining mucilage removed, before being left to dry in the shade for 24 hours. 

Last but not least, the shade dried cherries are carefully hand sorted and left to dry in the sun. 

Caught your breath yet? Good. Now sit back and raise a cup to appreciate the hard work Jean Paul and his team have put into these beans! It's a taste sensation. 

Producer background

The Liza Washing Station is owned by Jean Paul, a fourth generation farmer who has truly perfected the art of coffee production for his region. 

Jean's passion for his craft has led him to build a cupping lab on site to ensure top quality control, and boy does it show. 

His farm boasts thousands of trees and contains a variety of microlots. In addition to producing premium Rwandan coffee, Jean Paul plays a vital role in providing job opportunities to his community, working closely with hundreds of small hold farmers in the region.