Quindio, Colombia (Decaf)
Quindio, Colombia (Decaf)
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Quindio, Colombia (Decaf)

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Jairo Arcila has once again produced a banger of a coffee from his farm in Quindio, and boy oh boy we're excited to bring it to you!

Following our washed sugarcane from Popayan, this is our first big step onto the decaf train.

With cherries carefully hand-picked from Jairo's Castillo micro-lot, this productive and resistant varietal offers a high-scoring cup quality and complexity that'll impress even the biggest decaf haters.

And through the magic of sugarcane, our latest decaf imparts a natural and mellow sweetness that perfectly highlights underlying notes of pineapple, red fruits and wine.

Producer background

Jairo is, without a doubt, one of Colombia’s biggest speciality coffee legends! 

Since planting his first Caturra lot at his farm Finca La Esmeralda in 1987, Jairo now owns six coffee farms across Colombia.

This decaf has been grown at Jairo's most recently purchased farm in Buenos Aires. Naturally sun-dried on raised beds and processed using the innovative, environmentally-friendly decaffeination method: Sugarcane E.A.

Find out more about the Sugarcane Decaf processing method.

Process Natural, Sugarcane Decaf
Region Quindio
Altitude 1200 - 1700 MASL (metres above sea level)
Varietal Castillo
Tasting Notes Amaretto, Liquorice, Malt Loaf
Coffee Sizes 250g or 1kg
Roast Profile OMNI