Colombia Popayan Decaf - Whole Bean

Colombia Popayan Decaf - Whole Bean

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Roasted by Odd Kin in Bristol.

Produced in Popayan.

Tasting Notes:

Cinnamon, dark chocolate, rose

Process: Fully washed

Altitude: 1400-2100 MASL

Varietal: Caturra, castillo

The so-called Meseta de Popayán is perfectly suited to growing coffee.

Situated at 1,700 MASL and sheltered by the Andes mountain range, it provides climatic consistency.

Pair this with the region’s fertile volcanic soil and boom! We have high-end terroir prime for coffee cultivation. 

The coffees grown here are harvested, fully washed and then sent to a plant to go through the sugarcane decaffeination process - which is the only completely natural way to decaffeinate coffee. 

Fully Washed Coffee Process:

The plant uses water from the volcanic slopes of the Meseta de Popayán, and natural ethyl acetate from fermented sugarcane - adding a raw sweetness to this washed coffee. 

The porosity of the coffee is increased through the use of steam, which begins to break the bond between caffeine and bean.

The beans are then submerged in the fermented sugarcane liquid until 97% of the caffeine is removed. 

Following this, a final steam takes place to clean up the now decaffeinated coffee beans. They are then dried in a chamber to reach the same moisture content they had prior to the process. 

The end result is a beaut decaf coffee that tastes just as good as any of its caffeinated cousins!

More about Cofinet:

Cofinet is a family business that has been growing and distributing Colombian coffee for eighty years. 

On a mission to promote long-term direct relationships between farmers and roasters globally, Cofinet supports a number of speciality coffee roasters in Colombia, including the farmers of Popayán.

These farmers are provided with a stable and sustainable pricing system for their craft, with Cofinet offering up to 20% premiums above the market price - which we think is pretty cool!