Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner 1kg

Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner 1kg

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A high-performance espresso coffee machine cleaner

The EVO® coffee machine cleaning powder helps to remove coffee oils, stains and residue from espresso machines like the Eagle One Prima.

This coffee cleaner couldn’t be easier to use. Each 1 kg tub features a measuring scoop for accuracy.

Simply remove your espresso portafilter from the group head, replace with a blind filter and add one scoop of powder for daily cleaning. 

The best part about Cafetto’s coffee machine cleaner is that the powder is completely organic and biodegradable - which means no chemical residues get left behind. 

EVO® is the perfect addition for home brewers who want to keep their coffee equipment clean.

Not only will regular cleaning improve the taste of your espresso, it will also help to keep your machine in good nick for a longer time, win-win!

Features of Espresso Machine Cleaner:

  • 1x measuring scoop
  • 1 kg coffee machine cleaning powder
  • Cost-effective compared to coffee cleaning tablets
  • Organic and biodegradable ingredients 
  • Soluble formula for no trade of odour