Wosasa, Ethiopia
Wosasa, Ethiopia
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Wosasa, Ethiopia

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Wosasa is the name of a sub kebele or village within Raro Nensebo kebele, and the lot shares the name of the village. 

Here, twenty-five farmers contribute to the lot, and live with their families. All of these farmers are trained in agronomy and post-harvest practices by Ture Waji, lovingly known as the “King of Guji” due to his strong connections with the farmers and land.

This local selected Gibirinna/Serto (74110 & 74112) variety is grown in the shade of indigenous trees and has high disease-resistant properties.

The management of the drying beds in the area is unique. Each day lot is separated and identified with its own tag, stating its delivery date, start date of drying and moisture content for that day. This ensures quality of drying, longevity and not to mention, utmost care of the coffee.

This coffee has a lovely soft roundness to it, medium body and silky finish.

Process Natural
Region Wosasa
Altitude 2100-2350 MASL (metres above sea level)
Varietal Gibirinna 74110, Serto 74112
Tasting Notes Plum, Passion Fruit, Elderflower
Coffee Sizes 250g or 1kg
Roast Profile OMNI