Blend Friends 004 - Odd Kin X Radical Roasters

Blend Friends 004 - Odd Kin X Radical Roasters

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A collaborative blend by Odd Kin Coffee & Radical Roasters

(Produced by the Contreras Brothers & Mustefa Abekano)

White grape, raspberry jam, hibiscus

It's been a while since 003, but this blend is totally worth the wait. 

With Bristol Coffee Festival right around the corner, there's no better time than now to launch this all-Bristol coffee collaboration and showcase our wonderful city's speciality coffee scene. 

Keeping things local, we've partnered up with Easton-based roasters and all round coffee heroes - Radical Roasters. 

An all natural affair, 004 is a 50/50 blend of Ethiopian coffee from Radical Roasters and one of our own Colombians. 

It offers juicy raspberry and delicate white grape, rounded off with floral hibiscus.


Origins: Colombia | Ethiopia
Altitudes: 1,690 - 1,880 MASL | 2,000 - 2,100 MASL
Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Heirloom
Producers: Contreras Bros | Mustefa Abekano
Processes: Natural
Tasting Notes: White grape, raspberry jam, hibiscus
Coffee Sizes:  250g and 1kg
Brew: Filter, Espresso

More About 004:

A blend of…

🇨🇴 Odd Kin’s Colombian Contreras from the Department of Huila. 

🇪🇹 Radical Roaster's Rocko Mountain from the Jimma region of Western Ethiopia. 

🤝 More about our Blend Friends Series: 

Back in 2022, we launched our blended coffee series - Blend Friends.

This series gets us out of our comfort zone, which is usually the place where great things happen. 

It also gives us the opportunity to work with and learn from fellow legends in the coffee game, and collaborating with the guys at Radical Roasters to produce 004 has been no different. 

😺 More about Radical Roasters:  

Radical Roasters is a fellow speciality micro-roastery in Bristol, founded and managed by all-round coffee wizard, Cat. 

Having gained a wealth of knowledge through her experience as a coffee taster, roaster buyer and judge, Cat set up Radical Roasters in 2021.

Her impressive journey started in a small shed with 1kg of coffee, and in just a couple of years she's built her own coffee house and roastery where she also runs free coffee workshops to promote diversity in the industry. 

Cat buys her coffee from small scale coffee importers who have long-term relationships with producers in the regions they source from. 

We've loved everything about working with her and the team at Radical Roasters, and we're certain this won't be the last time we do.